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At each application period, we update the list of courses offered in English, together with the course descriptions for Erasmus+ exchange studies and the MSc in Architecture. The schedules of the courses (timetables) for the ongoing semester are published by the beginning of the registration period here.


Courses offered in English for 2020/21 second semester (February-July 2021)

The list of courses for the second semester of the academic year 2020/21 is limited by the uncertainty due the pandemic situation. According to this, we only can offer the courses of the MSc in Architecture in English, please find the list of these below. The Erasmus+ exchange students are also warmly welcome for the MSc courses, if they can travel in to Hungary and take part on the lectures in Budapest, as we cannot guarantee the lectures online.



Course name*

Course code

Contact hours (credits)**

MSc I.

Generative Design II.


1/2/0/F (4 ECTS)

MSc I.

Applied Studies II.


1/2/0/F (4 ECTS)

MSc I.

Cultural History II.


4/0/0/E (6 ECTS)

MSc I.

Related Disciplines of Design


4/0/0/E (6 ECTS)

MSc I.

Complex Design II.


0/6/0/F (10 ECTS)


Final Project


0/17/0/F (26 ECTS)


*Details about courses in the Course Description .

.**Lecture / workshop / laboratory / F: final mark or E: exam (ECTS)