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The course Community and Urban Planning at the Ybl faculty is part of the curriculum of our MSc in Architecture, for the international students traditionally organized as an intensive workshop. Main objective is to introduce the theory of participatory design and its implementation in Hungary, parallel with a design task – this year the design of a public beach with community functions at the Római-part. Analysing the site the students got involved with last year’s achievements of the discussion of  civil participants and the municipality, both of the district and the capital and the complexity of the architects role at designing not for but with the local community.

We are thankful to the Municipality of the 3. district, to Prof. Bogus Podhalanski PhD (Cracow University of Technology) and to the enthusiastic team of the 'Design workshop a Rómaiért' civil group for being key participants at the worshop. 

Ybl lecturers András Krizsán DLA and Zsuzsa Fáczányi PhD


Schedule of the workshop

Task desription

Groups of students

Presentation of group 1

Presentation of group 2

Presentation of group 3

Presentation of group 4

Presentation of group 5

Presentation of group 6

Presentation of group 7